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Is it a ghost?

Although the photographer says there was no one there when he took the photo, there may have been. The human mind on occassions like this will only remember the ‘Unusual’. For instance, a person may well have been standing there but because it is not unusual for people to be there looking across the river at the Houses of Parliament the photographer would not remember them. How many times have you spoken to people who say ‘I didn’t see it’ or ‘I didn’t see you’ but they were there.


I definitely prefer your crossed line theory. Soundds decidedly plausible to me.


I don’t want to dampen anyone’s fireworks but ironically, I’m the last person to ask about this type of thing. Let me tell you why. Years ago I met someone in the tech end of the mobile phone industry who told me that ghostly apparitions/ seeming "UFOs"/ aliens appearing on people’s camphones are usually scientificially explicable as a visual "crossed" line. More common in the mobile phone world than you think.

Just as in the old days you’d make a landline or phone box call and end up talking to some unsuspecting third party you’d never heard of likewise mobile phone signals which bounce of satellites ( literally millions by the second) are likewise prone to "crossed line" syndrome. Thusly, the geezer stood by the Thames may well be leaning on a garden gate in Yarmouth who’s recorded photo signal happened to bounce off the London Tourist signal at the same satellite at the same time.

Also , there is now new software on the market you can download to your phone ( or someone else’s) which can create all manner of convincing phenomena from flying orbs and chattering ghouls to Alien Motherships
and Mirage Beauties which whilst being eeringly convincing are indubitably false. Their validity null and void.

Then again…

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Has anyone else seen this today?

My first thought when I saw the picture was that it was the shadow or reflection of the photographer, but on closer look the arms look to be wrong for holding the camera.

Is this another one for Greywolf?

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