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I'm new here

Welcome Lizzy,
Any traveller is welcome as we all need someone to share, rant and laugh with.
I just joined today so was unable to see your post, tough security here

Vancouver Island , Canada

Lovely to meet you, Lizzie- looking forward to your posts!

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Hi Lizzie7
Glad you like it. Look forward to you joining in the various topics.


Thank you for such a warm welcome. I think this site is great, lots of info and friendly people too!


Hi Lizzie, I don’t suppose a second welcome from me will go amiss nice to see you’ve made your first post, now don’t be a stranger..

I wish you continued good health and happy travelling.



Welcome to the forum Lizzie, I’m looking forward to hearing from you & about your experiences.

I wish you continued health & happy travelling.

Essex UK

Hi Lizzie, welcome to the forum, this is a well informed forum, where you can get and recieve all the info you need, but I suspect as a well seasoned traveller you can also give plenty also. CG

Welcome to the forum and let hope this is the first of many posts.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well, but hope you are fully fit now and raring to go. What sort of places do you like to visit and what is you ideal holiday?

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Hi everyone,

I’m Lizzie,

I’m a newbie here. I just wanted to say hello everyone! I joined the forum because of my interest in travel.

I travelled a lot, then it got put on hold as I was quite ill for a couple of years, now that I am recovered I have rekindled the interest


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