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How adventurous are we with our cooking?

These ‘nouvelle cuisine’ chefs must be laughing all the way to the bank. But, if people are prepared to pay a fortune for what looks like a garnish,then…………………………….

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

At least you feel you have had a meal… A friend posted pictures of a most incredible meal they had had recently. I’m assuming the magnifying glass is needed to find the food.


Riversiderouge wrote:

Having said that I’m on the side of the mince supporters and Shepherd’s Pie with a grated cheese topping is tops with me.

Now your talking my language @Riversiderouge You can keep all the fancy dinners. My favourite, Sausages, Baked Beans, Grilled Tomatoes, Fried Onions, Mashed Potato.


I am married to someone who must be close to one of the best cooks/bakers in the world. When we got married we lived on Fray Bentos Pies. When we got back from our weekend honeymoon in London, she asked my advice about how long you had to boil an egg.

Nearly 50 years on she would give Mary Berry a run for her money! Having said that I’m on the side of the mince supporters and Shepherd’s Pie with a grated cheese topping is tops with me.

Bishop Auckland

Wishfulthinking wrote:

what are “fajita spices”, please?

I didn’t know either and had to go to google to find out (what would we do without google?) It told me to "Make fajita seasoning: Whisk together chili powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. "

I also found this recipe to make your own. .

Schwartz sell fajita spices which they describe as “a spicy seasoning with coriander, lemon and hint of chilli.”

It is beginning to sound like one of those mixes which vary depending on who is making it up – just bung a few ingredients in and see what happens – which sounds just like the recipe suggestions!


I’m also vege and use soya mince. Tastes good with plenty of seasoning and all the other stuff chucked in!

my daughter found, and tested out on me on a recent visit, a new variation on the quorn theme: little beef-like strips, which I think would be perfect for this recipe. if not this time, i think worthy of experimentation another day.

re crossing out – it works the same way as underlining, etc: highlight the word/s you want crossed out/scored through, then click on the symbol above the box you’re clicking your message/post in.

re the fajitas. look on the supermarket shelf next to the tortillas – with luck you may find they have a small packet of relevant spices. if they’re going to be hot, my “top tip” is to get some sour cream to “top off” the dish.

bon appetit.

Have I accidentally crossed those sentences out, or has a moderator? In which case why not just delete them?

Mushrooms! I have mushrooms too! I shall do as you’ve all suggested (thanks, everyone) and chuck everything in together. Sounds like my kind of cooking.
But what are “fajita spices”, please? (I must get out more!). Bet I haven’t got them. Chili? Chilli? (One’s Indian and the other is Spanish - but which is which? Some other pedant will tell me, I’m sure. )
Hurry up, please -
- I’m off to the kitchen.
Also, to keep things straight, I’m a vegetarian and don’t use real mince, I use soya mince, or Quorn at a push.

I suspect you were hoping for something a bit more precise than all our ‘throw everything in’ method. But it obviously works for us!

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