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Holiday insurance

thank you all for your help!

I had some problems getting insurance for our next cruise to the Caribbean as I have Diabetes type II which is well managed with diet and tablets however I found most quotes were very high especially as I am now over 65. The insurance offered with my bank account covered worldwide, cruise and my medical issues for a small extra fee (less than £100) so was the best option for me.


Hi Patrick and welcome to the forum. First of all what type of travel is it you want to cover? Flight, cruise or general holiday insurance. The reason I ask is for instance not all insurance will cover you for cruises unless you specifically ask for it. The reason is that the cost of medical on a ship is very high and the cost of being evacuated by helicopter in cases of medical emergency is eye watering.
If you worked for local or central government, police service etc then a good place to look is their various associations like CSMA or NARPO.
Just a suggestion,


Thank you for your first post @patrick and a warm welcome to the Forum.

Jo’s right, there are so many options and what’s best for you depends so much on you personal circumstances. At the broadest level it comes down to 3 options in my eyes:

1. You use the many price comparison sites to see who’s offering the insurance you want at a price you will pay.
2. Investigate Travel insurance that comes with packaged Bank Accounts e.g. I have the Nattiest Platinum Select account, so as I use the other benefits like Breakdown & Recovery, mobile insurance, National Trust Passes, I pretty much get Travel Insurance for my wife & I free
3. Go with a recommendation (such as Jo’s)

There have also been many discussions on Forum about this, so browse those and see if that helps. There are some links at the bottom of this page or type insurance in the search box just to the right of “Bookmarked” above.

Do come back with any specific questions and/or tell us how you got on.

Essex UK

You’ll find as many opinions as people on the forum!! But I go with StaySure – they’ve always been so helpful on the phone, staffed by young people who don’t think that we should sit in the corner and knit the minute we reach 60!

Who’s the best for over 60’s insurance?

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