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Holiday Insurance for over 65's

Thanks @SergioM for the clarification. It certainly sounds as if you have a good deal.


What I meant to say was, the pre-existing conditions my wife and I have did not affect the premium for this insurance policy. Obviously it depends on what the condition is and for some the premium may go up and for others Barclays may not cover that individual. It is always best to call the insurance company and state any pre-existing conditions otherwise you may find you are not covered.

Sounds excellent @SergioM but do read the small print carefully.
Could you clarify for me please.
SergioM wrote:

and even with our pre-existing medical conditions the premium did not go up.

Are they covered if something happens involving them.

Hi everyone.
Thanks for your suggestions regarding Annual Insurance cover. After much trawling through the Internet, I found that my Bank actually offered quite a good deal for what I was looking for. Because I have a Barclays Bank Premier account I was able to apply for their annual policy which also included RAC cover and all for £12.50 per month. The cover also applies to my wife as long as she travels with me and even with our pre-existing medical conditions the premium did not go up. So definitely worth checking your respective bank or Building Society.

Hello @SergioM and welcome to the forum. In all honesty I don’t think what you are looking for at under £90 per person exists. The only chance I think you have is to go onto one of the comparison sites and then be prepared for companies not to cover existing or pre existing conditions. If you do find one please let us know as I am sure we would all be interested.


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There’s no substitute to shopping around for the best policy that fits your personal circumstances. I’d also recommend ensuring its a comprehensive policy that covers all your travel plans (not necessarily the cheapest)

There are a couple of partners that offer insurance via this link


I get mine via a packaged bank account with NatWest. As I use all the other parts of the package e.g. breakdown insurance, travel booking service (decent discounts to be had) the insurance is effectively free and covers us up to 70 without additional premium.

Essex UK

Can anyone recommend any Insurance company that offers competitive insurance rates for travellers over 65?
I am looking for an annual/multi-trip policy for Worldwide travel and preferably under £90 per person

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