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Holiday in Iceland - by cruise or not?

@Coolonespa where is the original post?


Those pics make me want to book an Iceland trip asap. Absolutely stunning!

Good morning @slowpace

The really good news is that in yesterday’s mail I received a brochure notification of an excellent looking cruise to Iceland with Cunard.

It’s onboard the Queen Victoria sailing from and returning to Southhampton on 28 July 2019.

Better still, apart from the overnight stop at Reykjavik it has other Icelandic calls to Akureyri and Ísafjörður plus stops at Lerwick, Greenock (for Glasgow) and Dublin.

Hope that helps. I have an excellent contact at Cunard’s top Travel Agency if you are interested.

I’ve only visited Iceland with a cruise ship and have experienced good excursions from Reykjavik and Akureyri, also having the opportunity to view the coastline. I think that, if my intention was solely to explore Iceland from a cruise ship, I’d go with Iceland Pro Cruises who do a circumnavigation.

Given the choice to return to Iceland and explore, in depth, I might consider an air/land trip but it wouldn’t have the convenience of being looked after on a ship.


Good morning @slowpace

I would guess the best answer for you would depend on how much time you wish to spend in Iceland.

There are only a very small number of cruises that visit more than one port of call so your choices would become even more limited.

Otherwise Reykjavik, the country’s capital, is just about the only regular docking place for cruise lines.

My wife and I made a cruise stop at Reykjavik while we were sailing on Celebrity Infinity.

Fortunately on that particular cruise the ship made an overnight stop in Reykjavik which basically gave us two full days.

On our first day we did an all day excursion to what is called in Iceland the Golden Circle Tour. One highlight on this tour was a visit to the famous Icelandic Geysers.

The following day we explored Reykjavik itself. I had a burning ambition to be first in the queue to get to the top of the Hallgrims Kirkja Tower…

…mission accomplished…

Of course there was also plenty of other interesting sights to see in Reykjavik.

Hope that helps with your decision making.

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I’m not a cruiser – but have been to Iceland and think you’ll miss so many treasures if you cruise. You’ll get to Reykjavik – expensive, and unlike the rest of the country. You might manage long coach trips to a waterfall and maybe some of the geysers. But you’ll miss the vast glaciers, miles and miles of arid volcanic scenery, the chance to ride a skidoo (like a motorbike on a single ski – that’s when I finally understood why men like motorbikes, and if you fall off it’s only snow so doesn’t hurt), the chance to ride and Icelandic pony (which has a strange extra gait somewhere between a trot and a canter), you might get to the blue iceflows but it needs a small boat to get close to them – and I didn’t get to the north, which I understand has yet more wonderfulness (though has so many mosquitoes you need a head-net).

slowpace wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of going on hols to Iceland but not sure weather to go on a cruise or not.

your advice are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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That’s an interesting question & I’ve taken the opportunity to move your enquiry to a new thread, so it doesn’t get lost in the other posts on the “What are you doing today” thread.

Difficult one to answer without knowing a little more about you and your likes/dislikes, so perhaps you could add a bit more.

I’ve yet to go but have looked at the cruises provided by Variety Cruises https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/107673
and Noble Caledonia https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/867

I liked both itineraries and the usual cruise benefit of unpacking once and seeing many places. I was also thinking about then hiring a car and picking up the places the cruise didn’t visit by a self drive around the ring road. My thoughts haven’t progressed from there.

Any other Silver Travellers got a view?

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