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help and advice needed

Cruises are the best way to start your solo travels – you will be able to dine with other passengers easily with fixed dinner seating, join like minded people on tours if you wish, and there are always plenty of activities to get involved with on sea days, or quizzes to join groups and make friends. Go, you will have a wonderful time!

SilverTravelUser_4664 wrote:

am a widow considering a caribbean cruise or a trip to the Maldives on my own next Feb and would like any help offered


Hi @SilverTravelUser_4664,

I love cruising and if my occasional cruising friends are not availabale, I go on my own. I’ve always found cruisers to be very friendly and welcome the company of solo travellers whereas couples in hotels are inclined to stick together.. If you do decide on a cruise, I would recommend you join CruiseCritic Roll Calls where you can ‘meet’ others who are going on the same cruise, and you can exchange ideas, arrange to meet up, and even organise excursions together. This is an excellent way of ‘breaking the ice’ before you go on board. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Cheers, Gill

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I’m not a solo cruiser but have met many solo cruisers, all of whom have enjoyed their cruises thoroughly. On our P&O cruise they had every morning a coffee meeting for all solo cruisers so you got to meet others and possibly plan your day. NCL’s newer ships have solo studio cabins and ;their own solo lounge from which I’ve heard good reports. In my opinion, I think cruising, is one of the best holidays for solos.
These are some photos of the solo facilities on NCL Getaway
The bed

The shower

The lounge with its free coffee machine and snacks over 2 floors


Good morning .@silvertraveluser_4664
Some cruise lines cater for the solo traveller better than others. The better ones that come to mind immediately are Fred Olsen, Saga and P&O on their adult only ships.
I travelled with Fred Olsen this year as a solo traveller and was impressed with the way they cater for the solo traveller not only in dining arrangements but also activities on board. The ones I have mentioned also cater for the mature traveller but that does not necessarily mean old. They are also smaller ships that give a more intimate feel and can get into ports that the really large ships can’t. NCL are the exception and their large ships Epic, Breakaway and Getaway, have an area of the ship reserved exclusively for single travellers with special single occupancy cabins.
Keep a look out for deals being offered to the solo traveller to avoid the dreaded single supplement where some companies charge 100%.


I don’t do cruises – though there are plenty here to do, so I’m sure you’ll get advice from them about ships etc. But I do travel on my own, so if you’ve any questions about that side of things, do ask.

Thank you for your first post @SilverTravelUser_4664 and a warm welcome to the Forum.

That’s quite a broad question so I’ll try & help in the first instance by pointing you to some resources available and discussions we’ve had on the Forum that are relevant. After you’ve had a look at these feel free to come back with any specific questions you may have:

We have published a mimi guide for the Solo Silver Traveller, which includes a section on cruising

We’ve recently had a Thread which contains encouraging comments and tips for going solo:
Having the courage to go solo

We also had a discussion some time back on Best Maldives Island

Let us know if we can be of further help.

Essex UK

I am a widow considering a caribbean cruise or a trip to the Maldives on my own next Feb and would like any help offered

Looking for help

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