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Having the courage to go solo

Another company that does an excellent job of addressing the singles market is Norwegian Cruise Lines. Their latest ships, Epic, Breakaway and Getaway, have an area of the ship reserved exclusively for single passengers and containing over 100 single studio cabins. This exclusive area also has a bar and lounge so you can be sure everyone you meet is in the same boat – if you’ll pardon the pun! This makes it very easy to arrange ad hoc groups for exploring ports of call or for arranging to have dinner and see a show on board with a few new-found friends.

I’m sure whatever you choose to do the first step will be the most daunting but it will get easier from there.

Good luck!

Hi Ladybird

Sorry to hear about your loss. A couple of suggestions that may help.

I’m a travel writer and have just finished a feature on ‘Learning to..’ holidays which I will shortly be sending to Silver Travel for pubilcation. There are loads of them, ranging from learning to cook abroad to jewellery making and so on. These tend to appeal to single people and have the advantage of being able to meet and share interests with others. We have also had the odd walking holiday and again this was almost completely single travellers. I have a write-up on this CLICK HERE

Thank you for making your first posts on the forum, a very warm welcome.

There is a wealth of information on the site here, so another way to spend a moment with a cool drink (bearing in mind how hot it’s been) is to just browse the site. Just try putting Solo in the search box or a destination you fancy and see what comes up. I’m also sorry for your loss but wishing you a huge amount of fun as you explore the next chapter of your life.

Essex UK

We’re just putting together a new mini-guide for solo travellers – very aptly sponsored by Solos Holidays. It’s full of tips and suggestions for those travelling on their own as well as a round-up of the best holidays in the UK and overseas.

Please send your postal address to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to send you a copy when it has been printed later this month.


Hi Ladybird and welcome to our forum.

Sorry to hear of your recent loss which must be difficult enough without thinking about solo travelling as well, but take heed of what Jo has just told you and do make contact with her she is an amazing lady, and if she can’t help you along the way nobody can. Good luck….

Here’s Jo’s website http://www.jocarroll.co.uk/ And here’s the opening paragraph just to inspire you….

“I’m glad you dropped by. Pull up a chair; fetch a cup of tea or a beer; make yourself at home. You’ll find pages about my travelling, with photos of course; some of my writing and my thoughts about it; a bit about me; and links to my blog and email. If you want to buy books, you’ll find the links here. That should be enough to fill your time while your tea gets cold”.



I’ve been there, got the t-shirt – and it is really hard to begin with.

I started with group holidays, but soon gave those us as I’m not good at being one of a herd. Then I read an article entitled Gap Years are Wasted on the Young – so gave up work (Child Protection) after 30 years, bought a rucksack and headed off round the world. Yes it was terrifying at times – but it was the best thing I could possibly have done. Now I’m very happy on my own – and just as happy to go with a friend.

But it takes time – start with something you feel fairly comfortable with. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel lonely – there are lonely days at home, too.

If you want to send me a private message, then do – I’ll support all I can. (But you won’t get a reply over the next few days as I’m off to Barcelona, with a friend!)

Having difficulty going solo my partner recently passed away , I still work so have 6 weeks holiday in the year though this would be my first step .

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