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Having the courage to go solo

Welcome @Venus. As you can see from my earlier post I’m happy to travel solo, but prefer cruising to land-based holidays.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Welcome from me too and I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels. Daughter also worries about me too….

Talking about single supplements, I’ve recently booked a Rhone cruise with Riviera Travel who have a few cabins available on each cruise with no single supplement. And yes, I did get one!

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Welcome @Venus to our Silver Travel Forum – we hope that you enjoy being part of our friendly group of Silver Travellers. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you have any queries about using the Forum.

Thanks for sharing your story an inspiration, as are many of our members tales, to those wishing to strike out on solo travel.

Essex UK

Hi, I’m new to this web site so here goes. I retired 11 years ago and had always wanted to travel around the world since I was a little girl. My husband was not interested in travel so I decided to go by myself.So off I went for a month to Singapore, Cairns, Sydney, Figi and onto LA .i never do things by half I’m all for jumping in at the deep end ! My family were concerned for my safety and well being. My frien ds thought I was mad to undertake such a long trip by myself. I had a ball!I had such a sense of freedom and it gave me such confidence it was a great boost. I met so many wonderful people, seen amazing places and gained insight into other cultures and customs it was just a fabulous experience that I knew I’d have to travel solo again. The beauty is you don’t have to work within the peramaturs and timetables of others. You can please yourself when and where you want to go! Of course you have to mind yourself when it comes to safety. This is my first priority as well as having fun. I just used common sense as you would if you were at home. For instance I would not go out at night in a dark area by myself. I’d not get into a taxi say in a country where very little English was spoken. If I book holidays independent.y I choose hotels that have a restaurant for the evening with a bar so I can have a drink before bed time. I’d arrange excursions with the help of the hotels staff who would be able to recommend and book for me. Really simple things and I’d do my research prior to going on holiday. People always ask if I get lonely and I don’t. I can always ring home or E mail . My family can always contact me. The one thing I get annoyed about is the dreaded single supplement.i spend a lot of time surfing the net for good deals, as I’m always looking for a bargain. I usually get what I want. I’m off to South east Asia in jan2017 on The Voyage Of Discovery with no single supplement.i can hardly wait.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Hello .@sooz13,
Have a look at Fred Olsen who have been advertising no single supplement on some of their cruises. They are also great for solo travellers and I say that having travelled with them this year as a solo traveller.


Yes you are right Jo – the prize is for two people sharing a cabin, but if the winner chose to go on their own, that would be fine.

Thanks Bristol-fashion for bringing up the point about the inclusive wording – we have had prizes in the past where we’ve specified that the winner can go alone, and we’ll certainly bear that in mind for future prizes.


Sooz13 wrote:

I would love to cruise again but find the prices charged for single cabins to be prohibitive. I don’t choose to travel alone but can’t always find an available friend to come along. I am getting to grips with going out alone, can travel and eat out, but wary of being in a strange country alone. Cruising seemed to be the ideal option …..until I checked the prices.
Am I the only person who just needs a small cabin, after all it’s only to sleep in, and who would be willing to accept one on a lower deck at a more favourable cost. Perhaps there are such deals out there but if so I have missed them. Yes I would love a spacious cabin with sea view and balcony, but it’s not essential, and on a limited budget ‘the broom cupboard’ with shower of course, would do at the right price, I would not be planning to,spend much day time there anyway, there’s more to do and see out on deck !!

Hi @Sooz13,

I sometimes travel with a friend, sometimes solo. There are cruises out there with no single supplement – I get offers on a weeklly basis from Passion for Cruise in particulars – so why not join their mailing list?. And there are occasional offers from from other Cruise Agents, also. I wa supposed to be going with a friend in November, but she has let me down, so I have booked up to go on my own – 22nts from Genoa to Rio, in a double cabin with no single supplement. Check out Repositioning Cruises (usually Feb/Mar. and Oct./Nov.) as these are cheaper in general, and sometimes carry no, or very low single supplement. Good luck

Cheers, Gill

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I just assume that, even though the prize if for two, nobody would frown if someone took the prize on his or her own? It can’t be compulsory to take someone else? (And just think, all that double space, all to yourself!!)

Thank you for making your first post @Bristol-Fashion and a warm welcome to the Forum. I look forward to your continued participation in the many varied topics we have here.

Whilst I accept your opinion on this I have to disagree with you regarding the wording. There are many dictionary definitions of the word partner, one would be “a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others”. So a partner does not necessarily imply any romantic involvement e.g. one could have a dance partner, or a tennis partner, or a bridge partner. Indeed I know of one “couple” who play bridge together and share holidays together but profess no romantic attachment. So i believe the wording is extremely inclusive.

Essex UK

Re- single travellers, I note that this month’s prize – a river cruise – is billed as ’for you and your partner." This is not very encouraging for the many who are single, widowed or divorced. A more inclusive wording would be appropriate!

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