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Greek Island Hopping

Sailing my own craft has never really appealed to me but I can see others may get a lot of enjoyment out of having their own craft. Perhaps I need to get one of my sailing friends to be Captain.

Essex UK

Another way to ‘do’ the Greek Islands is in your own yacht. It is not expensive and there are companies that offer flotilla sailing with a day or two’s instruction (if needed) so you have the company of people in the other yachts each evening in the harbour. The benefit of having your own yacht is that you can visit ports that even small cruise ships won’t get into and at the same time learn a new skill if you are not already a sailor. It really is quite easy but great fun.

@Sheila_45 did you complete your trip? We’d love to get an update on how you got on.

Essex UK

Sheila_45, Greek is a tremendous country and that is full with so many of the awesome sort of islands. I personally really love to explore the place so much and had been to there only once. Greek is really famous for its natural beauty. I personally just love to visit most of them, and i’m sure that i will find a chance soon to explore the place.

Sounds expensive Steve if it’s per person, a minimum of 2,000 euros with port taxes, plus flights, plus excursions, plus drinks.

Sorry should have been clearer, the above price was for the cabin, not per person.

Essex UK

Having spoken to you Steve I have edited my response as I assumed that the prices you gave were per person. It is however still quite an expensive 7 day holiday at 900 per person for the cheapest cabin plus 200 per person port charges and then drinks, excursions and flights. However glad you had a good time.

How did you hear about the SC Panorama Steve? Was it expensive?

I heard about it right here on Silvertravel, They are one of our new partners: … artnerInfo

I wanted to do more of Cuba than just Havana & then to the beach at Varadero, which is what many packages offer, but didn’t fancy a road trip. Panorama solved the problem by cruising some of the Cuban ports, so it was the old "unpacking once" advantage.

On this route the brochure price is between 1800 & 2500 Euros for the cabin, depending on cabin grade. On top of that you have flights, port taxes (200 Euros) & excursions. Its full board & tea, coffee & water are provided but you have to pay for drinks outside this. Seemed quite reasonable compared with other options we looked at.

Essex UK

How did you hear about the SC Panorama Steve? Was it expensive?

Right now Cristal is operating cruises out of Cuba

A bit of an aside to this thread’s main focus but the Cristal was in port when we went to board the Panorama at Cienfuegos. This shot is from the rooftop of one of the buildings in Cienfuegos:

Essex UK

We sailed with what was Louis Cruise in 2006….not your usual cruise experience because of limited facilities, but we loved it. A couple of islands a day, and yes, you could use it almost like a ferry. Small enough to visit some of the tiny islands, which were added to their itineraries last year.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria
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