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Goa tour – A relishing vacation experience

Goa is a delightful spot to make the most of your vacation. Delightful natue, astounding shorelines, cooling environment, fun and experience exercises every one of these things makes goa famouse visitor spot. Excursion to goa is a noteworthy ordeal, individuals never exhausted to visit over and over this spot.

Kerala Visit

every one, yes Goa is not Iceland. but really cool place a lot of fun and beautiful beach. and entertaining vacation in India.

New Delhi

Yes I’d like to see a picture(s) too @SimranSial and understand why its anything like Iceland. What did you do there, where did you stay. Have you written any reviews of your trip for Silvertravel that we could have a look at?

Essex UK

Perhaps Simran would like to post a photo so we ca all see the ice in Goa as I have to admit to being more than a little confused…..


SimranSial wrote:

this please look like mini Iceland

I am somewhat bemused by this comment. Iceland is volcanics and ice. I don’t think you get much ice in Goa (except in your drink…)


Goa is really nice state of India, this please look like mini Iceland.
I decided to head to Goa for 5 days. The place obviously needs no mention. Considered a haven for travellers, Goa has almost everything for every person.

New Delhi

Goa is a beautiful place to enjoy your holiday. Beautiful natue, amazing beaches, cooling environment, fun and adventure activities all these things makes goa famouse tourist spot. Vacation to goa is a memorable experience, people never bored to visit again and again this place.

Another quite enchanting post Angelica, most concisely expressed, I must try some of that multi flavoured nectar you promote…

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Goa is a tiny but beautiful state of India. It is a wholly pleasurable place and globally famous destination for entertaining vacation in India. It offers something for everyone. It offers a lot of activities to indulge in and enjoy making your Goa vacation memorable – an experience of lifetime. There are beach activities, water fun & sports, trance or rave parties, casinos, discotheques, nightclubs, shopping arcades, etc in Goa to engage you fascinatingly during your entire tours and vacation in Goa, India. There are also exotic beach resorts, luxury hotels, Ayurvedic health resorts etc where you can relax and get revitalized yourself. In fact, the state has a lot to offer you and to make your holiday memorable – an unforgettable experience of lifetime.

Nice post Sofia.I had visited Goa & really it is a beautiful place to travel around i had not seen such a beautiful place before.The place i like there the most is Panaji.I would like to suggest you to visit Panaji whenever you visit Goa.

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