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Getting along together...

Nice one…


I wouldn’t mind if you got chance to get off and stretch your legs on Mars ( now there’s a Silver Traveller Destination )…you don’t…it’s just an 18 month round return journey via the Cosmos. No stops. No cigarette breaks. No duty frees…

Here’s a link might make you chuckle…another proposed pair for Mars:

http://www.newsthump.com/2013/02/28/cam … -everyone/

Willl rectify broken link in a bit…

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

We probably don’t live in quite such close proximity as this:
But there are plenty of good ideas…Although I think being cooped up together in a space module on the way to Mars could try the patience of a saint. I’m not signing up to this one.

One thing which wasn’t mentioned was keeping a sense of humour and being prepared to laugh at yourself…

The comment about inter dependency and relying on each other is important. I was remined of Sybil Thorndike’s comment "Divorce, never! Murder, often!"

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