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Free theatre tickets

Pleased to see you managed to find a user for them – make sure you claim an expensive ice cream from the recipients on the night….


Tickets now taken

Thank you for your advice,

I wish I were down your way Zena, apart from it being nice to meet you Cats is one of the shows we have not seen yet. Just to add to that the 17th is one of the 2 days I still go to work unfortunately.

As an afterthought, its not wise to post your phone number on an open forum, better to get someone to send you a pm. (private message) You can edit your post yourself if you wish, if your not sure how to do it I can do it for you, sorry if that sounds a bit patronising but I don’t know if your new to forums or not…..


I have 2 spare tickets for the opening night of Cats at the New Theatre, Oxford on
Tuesday 17 December at 7.30pm.
No charge, but you can buy us ice-creams in the interval!

Please contact me as soon as possible,

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