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Fred Olsen gets into River Cruising

lildan wrote:

or all inclusive is even better.

It is worth doing the sums and working out how much you are likely to drink to check that they are a good deal – after all you are either paying for it in the overall cost of the holiday or as an add on.

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I haven’t been on a river cruise yet but these Fred Olsen river cruises do sound expensive for what you get. Perhaps because they are new they haven’t yet been offering any discounts or extras. For me included wine with meals is a must or all inclusive is even better.


Riversiderouge wrote:

I’ve received some details about Fred Olsen’s 2018 River Cruises today. They sound pretty much the same as Fred’s Sea Cruises and they sound a bit pricey to me. What does everyone else think?

I thought that too, especially when they’ve stripped out the complimentary/included excursions and alcoholic drinks with lunch and dinner that is standard with most other river cruise lines.

About the only benefit that I would find attractive is they are quoting a ‘cruise only’ price effectively an opportunity to use one’s Avios points.

However, the sting in the tail would then be paying for transfers to and from the airport and ship.

I am very pleased to hear this

Good news all round.
Bishop Auckland

That’s really great news @Freddie

Essex UK

Thanks to the efforts of Silver Travel Advisor staff, my problem has been satisfactorily and promptly resolved. Yesterday afternoon I received a ’phone call from Keith Norman of Olsen, offering me a goodwill discount. So Freddie is now pleased with Fred. I remain an enthusiast of Silver Travel Advisor and, most likely, will become a loyal customer of Fred Olsen.
Many thanks to all who were involved.

So pleased you got the discount afterall @Freddie

Hi @Freddie
As you have now been notified, Fred Olsen have allowed the discount as a good will gesture. It goes to show that Fred Olsen who work closely with Silver Travel value and care about their customers which has always been my experience. Have a great cruise and perhaps you will put a review on the main site when back home.
Fossil (Alan)


I have asked Silver Travel Advisor for advice. This has been promptly acknowledged. I will publish the response in due course.

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