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Forsythia ~ Decorative shrub or Malicious weed?

Thanks David.

Essex UK

coolonespa wrote:

Forsythia tree
A question for my own knowledge. Is this the time you normally prune your Forsythia & does it flower Ok the following Spring? I ask because I thought you needed to do it immediately after the flowers died off, otherwise it wouldn’t flower well the following year?

No Steve, Jo is correct in her post, I was only hard pruning the top of the tree, it was so high I couldn’t get around it to prune my conifers back. So pruning after flowering is the right time….


Sadly I need to give this one a serious cutting back, so I might have a lean year next year.

Essex UK

I have a Forsythia in one corner of my garden, I pruned it back heavily the year before last and had very few flowers last year, this year it looks absolutely splendid again and much healthier as well.


Thanks Jo, although I have to admit, apart from the pruning it pretty much looks after itself.

Essex UK

What a lovely picture! You can feel very proud of yourself, Steve.

Back into its normal time slot, my Forsythia is ablaze with yellow this year. Thanks for the pruning tips:

Essex UK

I haven’t seen any ladybirds yet.

Yes very early & Its really all quite weird. As well as the bees & ladybirds I mentioned in the Spring thread, I saw a Red Admiral yesterday & I have a geranium in flower.

Red Admirals and Ladybirds here too.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

We’ve still got a rose hanging on from last year.

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