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Favourite Walks

and this one:

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Essex UK

Probably should add this one here as well:

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Essex UK

There’s a footpath outside my house, which leads into a beautiful, mainly beech, wood. It continues across pasture land to an old bridge, where there are options of woodland or river walks. After a mile of this, you can cross a narrow lane and head into the hills, or follow the river round back into the village, where you treat yourself to a pint from the micro brewery!

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Thanks Jo & Eleanor for your posts. Let’s build this up as a great reference point for walkers. Any more?

Essex UK

Northumberland has some of the best walking in the country. Two of my earlier posts covered this in detail.
Hadrian’s Wall and the South Tyne here:
North Tyne and Keilder Forest here:

Along the coast, there is a lovely walk from Craster north along the coast to the dramatic ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle. This is a good easy walk over grassland with a slight pull up to the castle. On a sunny day it makes a glorious walk.
My review for Silver Travel is here:


Head south from my house, into Savernake Forest (10 mins away).

Turn left and right a few times, and then get lost. But don’t worry, you’ll find a road eventually and then you’ll know where you are (though it might be a long way home) – it’s a wonderful, ancient woodland. Kick through the leaves. Pause by the old oak tree that was a sapling when William the Conqueror arrived in Hastings. Be very quiet – you might see deer.

Recover with a beer in the Castle and Ball. The head for Barbary Castle – on the Ridgeway. Walk down Smeeth’s Ridge – with its bleating sheep and magnificent views across the Downs, then through the Ogbournes (two villages) and back up the Ridgeway.

The there’s Oare Hill and Martinsell – not many people go there, so let’s keep that to ourselves – but you can see the spire of Salisbury Cathedral (20 miles away) on a good day.

Walking is a popular pursuit for forum members, so why not share your famous walk or walks here. Tell us about where, what time of year is best, photos would be great & anything else you want to say.

Here are some topic links to some of the things we’ve already said about walking:
The Gainsborough Trail:

Ghost walks in Venice got a mention, as did walks in LA:

David mentioned that there were some great walks near the Pilgrim Hotel:

Solent Barbara mentions walks near The Master Builder’s Hotel:

Eleanor gave a link to walks along the line of Hadrian’s Wall:

We also looked at the 10 Best Costal Walks:

and even pointless walking:

So come on….share yours please.

Essex UK
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