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Farndale Daffodils, North York Moors

Love the place….it’s forbidden to even touch a daff, as they’ll be setting seed. It’s a beautiful area all around there, on the North York Moors.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

The daffodils are late this year and only just coming into flower.


Just a reminder for anyone in the area and wanting a day out…

Farndale is one of the few places where daffodils grow wild and a walk along the valley is a popular day out for locals. The daffodils are a bit later than their bigger and brasher cultivated cousins and are usually at their best late March/ early April, so you have plenty of time to think and plan. It is a beautiful walk especially on a sunny day when the daffodils glow with colour.

Up to date information (and lots of pictures) are on their web site:

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