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Exploring the Arctic 2015. Part 4, Greenland

Stunning photogrphy!. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Greenland is best place to spend your holiday.


This was a great Picto diary @Albatrail and an inspiration to anyone who wants to share the tale of their travels on the forum. Thanks for taking the time to post all this up.

Essex UK

We had a week at home, a very quick turnaround between 2 long cruises. Next, Canada

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The third Greenland port was Qaqortoq but, unfortunately, we didn’t get ashore there. Another passenger took some excellent photos. He also took wonderful photos of the whales and birds on the cruise ! Take a look

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Passengers on the ice cruises left direct from Boudicca

some of the crew became explorers

and passengers returned downhill from the town, while locals came to listen to the sail-away deck party


someone was camping out?


Several passengers walked to the cairn at the top of the hill

or over the hill towards the town


Supposed to be an anchor port, Boudicca was allowed to dock at the pier, apparently the largest cruise ship to have done so.


Narsaq. Our first visit to this town where the port is on one side of a hill and the main town is on the other side. There are taxis though!

We arrived through the ice

and we pass the fjord where the passengers on the ice excursion will visit


Evening saw Boudicca sailing into Torssukatak Fjord, as far as sea charts were available according to Captain.

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