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Drone Technology

I’m sure this could be great but can’t really see why you’d go to a stadium to see it when you could wear the headset or watch it on your tablet at home.

Essex UK

Drone racing – sport of the future? Whatever next – the Olympics perhaps!!

Read all about it Here


The military drones and those used for mapping Jo usually fly far higher than most birds so should not cause them a problem. Those that are used by photographers for over crowd shots are to me just pure gimmickry as in reality how often will they get used. Bit like those that wander around with smart phones on selfie sticks. Why do people want so many pictures of themselves, are they really that vain? Sad.


I can see their uses – for aerial photography, and for the military. I can’t imagine the birds being too thrilled – and (for once I’m being a bit of a fogey) I’d rather have birds.

Watch the military drones in action, they are amazing.


I was at a wedding recently and the photographer sent a drone up to take an overhead shot of the entire wedding party. Great way to take that photo and not have people blocked out by taller people standing in front of them. Looking up also does wonders for a double chin Was pretty quiet actually, although cheaper models might be a lot noisier.

Essex UK

If they make the same noise as radio-controled planes we’ll all be driven bonkers!

The Internet is now loaded with amazing videos taken with the use of drone technology, here’s an example taken in China CLICK HERE But is this technology due to be the way for us to take ever more amazing photographs or videos or is it to become the latest irritant after The Selfie Stick as prices drop and they are more readily available?

Essex UK
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