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Drone Causes Disruption at Gatwick

It certainly wasn’t meant to be in jest and I think you’ve got totally the wrong end of the stick Poshgirl60, I don’t think it’s funny at all. I think in my post I was highlighting quite the opposite to that, concerning the forthcoming dangers and counter measures regarding ongoing drone use.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

HI @Poshgirl60
Good to see you back and with a thought provoking post. I don’t believe anyone thinks of this subject as a joke, far from it. I think we all know the possible consequences of a drone being ingested into an aircraft engine, indeed you only have to look at the bird strike on US Airways flight 1549 back in 2009.
I agree that tighter controls are needed but I question how this is achieved. If you make it law that all operators must be licensed who issues the licence and who deals with the qualifications of issue. How do you deal with drones purchased overseas and imported by simply putting them in a suitcase as can happen with some kinds of weapon.
Please don’t give up because you don’t necessarily agree with a persons opinion or outlook. Everyone is an individual and has there own way of dealing with things. The remark of ‘Playing dodge the 747’ to me has a horrible ring of truth to it especially living in an age when a great many people seem to go out of their way to flaunt the law and create risks to others.


I am disappointed that anyone should consider this issue to be the topic for jokes. Aircrews have enough to contend with these days with security/unruly passengers/congested airspace without adding yet another obstacle to ensuring our safety.

In the same way that shining laser pens at aircraft is irresponsible and dangerous, so is the trend for flying drones near to aircraft. That’s all aircraft – passenger, cargo, helicopters, fire-fighting. It is not an over-reaction by airports or airlines, it is in the interest of safety. Take a look at the CAA website for guidance on the use of drones and where/when they should not be used. These plastic birds can do untold damage to an aircraft especially on take-off. A recent fire in California spread to cars on an adjacent highway because fire-fighting aircraft could not take off from a nearby airport due to unauthorised drone activity.

An aircraft engine, despite its size, contains many parts that will be damaged by birds, plastic bags, litter and even coins (recent event on a Chinese airline). If you are not familiar with what can happen when a bird comes into contact with an aircraft engine, take a look on YouTube. There’s a short film of a Thomson 757 ingesting a crow when taking off from Manchester; not to mention what happened on US1549.

There are many responsible and enterprising people who have realised that operating drones can be a worthwhile business. However, they have undergone the required training. In contrast, the brainless idiots flying these close to airports and aircraft think it’s funny as they either can’t or won’t understand the danger to life. The CAA and UK Government cannot dither on this any longer. Stricter controls are required, retailers must submit purchaser’s details to CAA or Government Department (Department of Transport?) and a licence issued on registration by the purchaser. It would then be easy to trace unregistered users and the drones seized, in the same way that uninsured/banned motorists are found.

I haven’t posted on here for a while and won’t be contributing again in the future as some of the responses to this topic have really angered me!!

Grey-Wolf wrote:

play “Dodge the 747” like a real life virtual computer game.

Couldn’t agree more @Grey-Wolf


Well TBH I should imagine maverick drone users would see that as half the fun and play “Dodge the 747” like a real life virtual computer game.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Grey-Wolf wrote:

I’ll get Janine to man the rear gun turret !! ""

There’s probably a way to lock on to the drone frequency & issue a kill command but your option sounds much more fun

Essex UK

A short prison sentence for a person caught flying a drone near an airport should be mandatory

What an imagination @Grey-Wolf, no not the rear gun turret but the Creme Brûlée


You mean equipping passenger planes with a drone Zapper ?

Captain : “Captain to Hostess ! Captain to Hostess ! Incoming at two o’clock !!”

Hostess: "I’m on it sir, just as soon as I’ve finished serving the individual creme brulees ! I’ll get Janine to man the rear gun turret !! ""

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I agree that some form of ‘Drone Killer’ is the answer. A person losing their drone is a much better penalty than a fine, instant and focuses the mind.

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