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Don't forget the clocks alter tonight...

Having had a very late night (well early morning) a missing hour was not my favourite Easter pressie.

Essex UK

This is the one we hate, because of early services….so we put the clocks forward when we wake up and try to have a quiet day, one hour in advance! In fact, it’s bedtime now.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Grandson is sleeping here tonight. Bliss. He’ll sleep through until 6.15 tomorrow morning…..


Thanks for the reminder Eleanor.

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…and make sure you put them the right way!

Life is a lot easier now we can programme the DVD player through the TV. We always went away over Easter and in the old days it used to be a nightmare trying to programme the video player if the clocks altered while we were away. However hard we tried, we always managed to get it wrong and ended up recording some weird and wonderful programmes

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