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DK Eyewitness Travel Tunisia *****

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Eyewitness are one of my favourite guide books and I usually start off with this one if we are visiting a place for the first time. I find that it gives me an overview and flavour of a country and helps clarify ideas about where we want to go , see and do.

The book begins with a short introduction about Tunisia which includes a summary of its history. There are suggestions for accommodation and eating at the back as well as a short section on Travel Information.
The country is divided into six main areas.

There is a reasonable map at the beginning of each section with the main sites identified by numbers for quick easy reference. There are comprehensive descriptions of the main towns and villages as well as Roman sites, with lots of colour pictures. There are also 3D maps of some towns and major sites. Many smaller places not included by the other guide books get a mention.

This is an attractive book and the colour pictures are a nice reminder of the holiday.

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