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Fashion houses and jewellers have often defined religious regalia as trendy, achieving brisk trade in nuns’ habits, Maltese crosses, ankhs, Russian Orthodox crosses, rosary necklaces, Stars of David all utilised on catwalks, glossy magazine covers and German fashion shows. An Italian collection featured the “Haisidic look” with female models wearing long side curls and felt brimmed hats.

In encouraging western symbolism of Christmas, a famous Tokyo store had a Santa Claus figurine nailed to a crucifix as its central window exhibition.

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New man made deserts are being created at a rate of 75 square miles a day.

In recent years 40,000 Iranian villagers have been evacuated due to water shortages.

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Roly polies, potato bugs, pill bugs. Whatever you call them, they’re not bugs—they’re crustaceans.

Pillbug (Armadillidium vulgare) rolling up.

More like a crab than an insect?:
Many commonly mistake A. vulgare for an insect, but in reality they are crustaceans. They are characterized by a number of different traits.
A few of these traits are two sets of antennae, compound eyes, gills for respiration, and pairs of appendages on each body segment

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Summer is a great time to look out for carnivorous sundew plants which hide among the mosses on our bog sites and ‘eat’ insects including the Scottish midge.

Unfortunately, judging by the midge bites I suffered walking in the Lake District last week, they’re in short supply there


Tourism is on the increase, in 1950 there were 25 million tourist visits rising to 166 million in 1970 and 435 million in 1990. Today that number stands at 1.4 billion separate tourist visits worth $1.7 trillion (about 2% of global GDP).

China constitutes the world’s largest source of tourists, with Chinese people making 143 million journeys abroad annually, followed by Germans (92 million), Americans (87.8 million) and Britons (74.2 million). Australians only 11 million. Last year, international tourists brought in £23 billion for the UK.

Regarding destinations, France comes out first with an annual throughput of 87 million tourist trips, Spain 82 million, USA 77 million, China 61 million, UK 39 million with London, Scotland and Manchester as top three tourist destinations of choice.

While tourism may seem a popular phenomenon archaeological digs have determined that the Ancient Phonecians, Mayans and Shang Dynasty all travelled in pursuit of both commerce and leisure curiosity…

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Over the past 20 years the number of industrial robots has tripled to 2.25 million. Over the next two decades this figure is projected to rise to 20 million.

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The rings of Saturn are 173,000 miles in diameter ( the equivalent of 21 planet Earths side by side) yet are only 90 metres in depth. Formed of billions of items of space debris, varying in size from houses to snowflakes in continuous collision at a 40,000 mph rotation. Saturn’s famous red spot vortex is 5,000 miles in diameter (larger than USA) and is effectively a permanent hurricane.

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Greenland’s ice caps are melting at a rate of 50 cubic miles of ice per year, between 1995 and 2005 the rate of glacial earthquakes quadrupled. In Siberia 1 million square kilometres of ice have melted in the last 11,000 years. There is an estimated 70 million tons of trapped methane in the atmosphere and with current human activity a further 700 million metric tonnes of CO2 are released per year ( a 100% increase in carbon levels in the atmosphere). Today there are 730 trillion tons of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere with a further 720 trillion tons to arrive with the thawing ice caps of just Alaska and Greenland bringing it to a gasping grand total of 1,450 trillion tons. For the past century atmospheric CO2 has been at around 300 parts per million of the atmosphere, within 50 years this will become nearer 600 parts per million.

It took 10,000 generations of human beings to make a global population of 2 billion, yet within ONE generation, that figure now approaches 8-9 billion. The entire population of Mexico (130 million) is now added to the globe every year.

President Donald Trump is the only world leader who does not acknowledge global warming, possibly predicted by Mark Twain who said

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

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