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Daily Quiz - Questions

Q386. What was the name of the corgi given to the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, for her 18th birthday?

Q387. What is a sacred word or phrase repeated by Buddhists during meditation?

Q388. Railway posters of WWII carried the propaganda slogan "is your…what really necessary?

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Q383. What consists of mainly water & salt & is produced by glands in the dermis?

Q384. On how many legs did the dinosaur T Rex walk?

Q385. In which English county are the ports of Lowestoft & Felixstowe?

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Q380. Strawberry, ash & platinum are shades of which hair colour?

Q381. “Is it Me” is the autobiography of which Irish born DJ & TV presenter

Q382. Post-it notes first came on to the market in which decade?

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Q377. According to the laws of science, do the majority of substances expand or contract when they are heated?

Q378. Who in 1653 became the Lord Protector of England?

Q379. What “R” is the name given to concrete strengthened with steel rods?

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Q374. According to the proverb, The way to a man’s…what is through his stomach?

Q375. What name is given to a stallion that has been neutered?

Q376. Pop star George Michael paid £1.67m in 2000 for a piano used by who?

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Q371. Which former Prime Minister died on 24th January 1965 exactly 70 years after his father, Lord Randolph?

Q372. In western movies whose horse was “Topper”?

Q373. In the US which avenue divides the east side of New York from the west side?

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Q368. What is Lulu’s real name?

Q369. The US Patent Office granted Alexander Graham Bell a patent on March 7th 1876, for which invention?

Q370. In Michael Bond’s stories about Paddington Bear, what were his favourite sandwiches?

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Q365. Who sang the theme tune to the James Bond film “The Man with The Golden Gun”?

Q366. Which album was the first album to be released on Virgin Records in 1973?

Q367. If you visited Trinity College & Kings College, what city would you be in?

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Q362. The Oystercatcher is very noisy wading bird with a loud ‘peep-ing’ call but what makes up the bulk of its diet?

Q363. Which writer created Sid Halley, private detective?

Q364. Crispy, spicy or aromatic duck is usually given the name of which city?

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Q359. The famous basalt pillars on Northern Islands coast are known as?

Q360. A Rockhopper is a species of which animal?

Q361. In 1965 Soviet spaceman Alexei Leonov became the first man to do what in space?

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