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Cruising for single travellers

Hi I have never taken a cruise before thought about it but never got round to it now i`ve seen other people have been and recommended one I think I will enquire about one as a single person , wondered if it was for me , since I have been on my own now for a few years i`ve had holiday`s with my family now its time to branch out on my own , I have just come back from Albir in Spain weather was perfect and the sea warm , enjoyed being with my daughter and son-in law I will look on the forum for idea`s as i`m new to this Jo

In addition to Toptravellers post, earlier this year I cruised with Fred Olsen as a solo traveller and was impressed. Quite often they offer the solo traveller a cruise with no additional supplement. Whilst not the same type of cruise as that offered by NCL they are however great for the more mature traveller. This is a link to the review of my solo cruise.



The only cruise line that focuses on the singles market ls Norwegian. Their latest ships Epic, Getaway, Breakaway and Escape, each have around 100 single cabins so you are not paying for a double cabin on your own.

However, perhaps more importantly, these single cabins are in an exclusive part of the ship that cannot be accessed by other passengers and the area contains a two-deck high lounge and bar area. This means you can pop in for coffee, cocktail or whatever, knowing that everyone else there is also travelling alone. There are also white-boards so people can leave messages to set up ad hoc get-togethers. For example, if you were heading for the port of Civitavecchia you may well find a message from another single traveller looking to meet up with others and take the train into Rome for the day.

So, not only have they addressed the financial issues of single travel, they have addressed the social issues too.

Perhaps the only down-side is that they do not have a ship based in the UK so you would probably have to go to Barcelona. However, a short flight alone is not much of a barrier.

Thank you for this information, I too will look into this as I love cruises, but sometime find the costs too high when the price is often double that of someone travelling with a partner.

Maybe we should post back here when we have booked something so the others can book too, then we not only get a good price, but we get good company to travel with too!

In fact with that in mind, let me share with you that I have just booked a 3-night Fred Olsen Cruise sailing from Southampton on the 12th December to the Christmas Markets in Belgium for £275 for sole occupancy of a double cabin. I did the same cruise last year and had a smashing time.

Tell me if you go and we can meet for a pre-dinner drink.


Thanks for your first post @LABath and a warm welcome to the Forum. We look forward to seeing you participate in other discussions here and good luck with finding a suitable holiday.

Why not tell us a bit more about what you’re looking for by starting a new thread in the Travel tips and advice topic, where, when, approx budget, looking for warm/cold, city, beach, indeed as much as you can and perhaps some of the other members can help you.

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I will certainly look at these people. I am having a hard time finding a singles holiday without paying way over the top and a cruise would be another item of my list! Thanks for the info.

That’s good to know.

Thanks for your first post @andym2323 and a warm welcome to the Forum. We look forward to seeing you participate in other discussions here and do let us know how you get on if you decide to book a Crystal Cruise.

Essex UK

Thx for the info I will look into crystal cruises,

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As a single senior , I have found a wonderful cruise line , which often only asks for a 10/20% supplement for me to travel alone in one of their beautiful staterooms (cabins) . The service is first class as is the quality of the cuisine. You get treated as an individual , and made to feel extremely welcome. I can wholeheartedly recommend Crystal Cruises to fellow silver travellers .
Mike Cohen

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