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Cruise Wars

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Never mind all that! Let’s have some more STA Cruise Auctions like last year! Far better to fill cabins than to sail with them empty! That way you might attract some virgin cruisers to make up for those who will never cruise again RIP!!!

Bishop Auckland

Have sailed on most of the P&O fleet including twice on the Britannia. Have to say that Britannia is least favorite.Nice new, bland interior. Apart from the “Starburst” the atrium just reminds me of an upmarket M&S. The ship if solely revenue based {the same as American ships}.Too many cabins and too few {overworked} staff. The cabins are fairly good and the bathrooms superior due to Glass door not curtain although balconies quite small. Oriana {older ship} has a lot more character!!


Not been on Britannia or Anthem of the Seas but have done Azura and Navigator of the Seas, both were just about as big as I’d want to go, have also done smaller ships and a wee one -Aegean Odyssey. That had a totally different atmosphere as you got to know far more of the passengers. Also the biggest ships can’t get into a lot of ports so itineries can get rather boring.


If I was cruising on my own I would go with one of the mid size ships. I think you would feel lost on the big ones.

Hi sussex-girl-38 Have a look at this link Here you might find some useful information in the threads already listed.

If you need anymore don’t be afraid to ask….


I am senior retired and on my own , I would like a cruise but can`t make up my mind were to go or which line to use I don`t think I wan`t the very large ships to many people to be around , if anyone can help with ideas I would be most grateful ,

thanks sussex -girl 38

Both for me, but Anthem will probably win first….
The trouble is, of course, that Royal Princess, Britannia’s twin, is also to be ported at S’ton, so that’s 3 giants….

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Anthem of the Seas for me.


It’s not just supermarkets trying to sink one another, page 12 of today’s free METRO paper carries a double page spread on the new "naval battle" going on between UK and USA in a bid to win over Britain’s 1.7 million annual cruise passenger market.

Two huge new ships: the UK P&O "Britannia" versus the American Royal Caribbean
"Anthem of the Seas"are both vying for business.

To compare: The Britannia (built in Italy) carries 3,600 passengers , 330m long, 141,000 tonnes, cost £500 million, special features: 13 bars, 13 restaurants, three storey chandelier sculpture and on board Celebrity Chefs incl. James Martin doing the cooking, on board cookery school, and £1 million worth of theatre, art collection and spas.

Anthem of the Seas ( built in Germany) carries 4,180 passengers, 348m long, 167,800 tonnes, cost £420 million special features: skydiving, bumper cars, rotating oversea observation capsule 90m above the waves, 3 deck observation room, with 270 degree views, floor-to-ceiling windows, virtual balconies in cabins offering ocean view.

If you still can’t make your mind up which is best here are some interesting cruise facts:

UK Cruise Industry generates £5 Billion for the British Economy with 66,000 jobs.

Worldwide the Cruise Industry is worth £61 Billion and provides 775,000 jobs.

Last year 21.3 million people took a cruise around the world.( a rise of 300,000 since 2008)

Cruises account for 1 in 8 of all package holidays.

Wakefield, West Yorks.
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