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Cruise Lines Shares Retreat

Good reasoning Fossil.

I read in the financial press yesterday that cruising accounts for just 3% of the overall holiday market.

Plenty of room for expansion.

But I again make the point. Carnival offer their shareholders a very good On Board Credit which, if you are a regular cruiser, can add quite a bit to your annual bonus…

Now I wonder if these new Costa converts have taken a step in the shareholder direction.

Somehow I very much doubt it.

There are a number of reasons that companies make a loss and a downward trading spiral is but one of them. It could be that the amount of money that has been spent on new ships has had an effect. Also monies paid out over the Concordia disaster as well as money ring fenced for future claims to avoid a loss in the future all have a bearing. Naturally bad account results result in a drop of share value. The more important thing to look at is the shareholders dividend payment which will reflect the true state. As for the cruising market being in retreat I think if the figures are checked it is in fact the opposite.


None of the above.

It is an open opportunity to buy more Carnival shares, sit back, enjoy the additional On Board Credit, pick up the quarterly dividend and, now here is the big one….Watch your capital grow.

I wrote this on another Forum 2 years ago…

Carnival shares were trading yesterday at £17.50 each and to benefit from the scheme a passenger only need s to hold a minimum of 100 shares.

In pretty basic terms if a ‘minimum holding’ shareholder takes two 14 day cruises over the next 12 months, with any of the Carnival brands, they will qualify for a total of £250.00 On Board Credit. Now that is a cool 14% return on your investment, does not include the payment of the Carnival Annual Dividend and allows for possible future growth in the share price.


Remember you saw this on cruise.co website, where you know the best cruising tips are available.

Yesterday those same shares were trading at £21.06.

But, in between, I have drawn 2 years of Dividends and, more importantly, over $2500.00 in On Board Credit.

And there is more to come before Christmas and New Year.

Or is it a sign that the cruising market is in retreat?

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Will this lead to the end of all these cheapo cruises that have been available this year, if it does how will they fill all their ships I wonder!!

Or will it lead to more discounting to make sure they run their ships at capacity & take money at the bars Hard to tell & I would imagine that the cost of fuel will be a key factor.

Essex UK

"Carnival Corporation is took a beating in the market yesterday and today after announcing its Q3 results and year-end and next year forecast.

At press time, its shares were down 12.3 percent, at $32.79, from closing at $37.40 on Monday, Sept. 23.

Carnival’s tempered outlook also pulled down Royal Caribbean, although Royal seems to be recovering, down 1.5 percent, and Norwegian Cruise Line, which is down 3.1 percent".

Will this lead to the end of all these cheapo cruises that have been available this year, if it does how will they fill all their ships I wonder!!

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