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Cricket is favorite game of all people. I like also.

Ah cricket … I confess to being a bit obsessional.

I was in Cardiff the day we won, and the first day at Edgbaston, to watch the Aussies quake at the sight of Anderson and Finn. Oh happy days!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Thank you for your first post @Sundried and a warm welcome to the Forum.

There are definitely a few of us who like cricket on the Forum, so you are not alone. The current Ashes series is certainly getting our attention and set fair for a great finale.

Essex UK

Hello cricket fans! I’ve just joined the site and my first search was for ‘cricket’. Nice to see there are one or two fans out there.

I’m a Yorkshire girl, so I guess it’s in my blood. My father and two brothers played for a team called Guiseley who play in the Airedale and Wharfedale league. I was the youngest member of the family and went along to support the family every Saturday throughout the Summer.

My old school had Brian Close as one of its old boys, and I was the contemporary of his younger brother Alan.

More recently I’ve had the opportunity to watch the England team Down Under – both the triumph and the disaster! I also went on a cricket tour to Capetown, and saw the game where our last man, Graham Onions, had to stand his ground to secure an unlikely draw.

None of my current friends enjoy cricket, so I tend to sit glued to the excellent coverage on Sky Sports.

Be nice to hear from any one who wants to share thoughts on the game!


Have you ever listened to the wit of cricket by Johnson, Blofield & Bird. Very, very funny audio of them recounting their stories.

Essex UK

I was on a cruise some years ago when Tom Graveney was one of the guest lecturers. Spent an evening with him and what an interesting man with some wonderful stories.


That’s a good start! Any more forum contributors with cricket memories??

It’s a game I’ve never been able to fully understand, even making sense the scoreboard gives me the most shuddersome headache…

I’ve never even witnessed an entire match for more than five minutes with even an iota of interest of men dressed in white spaced hither and thither doing…well…not very much at all… for very long periods of time with only the intermittent ‘clack’ of bat on ball.

I know it’s supposed to be all very English syrupy summer dreamland but not for me. Not for me.

What amazes me is the amount of hardware modern cricketers have to wear in order to allay the ever present threat of a corky ball hitting one at high velocity, when we played at school we had no such safeguards….made me the man I am today…the man who avoids cricket pitches.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Ahhhh, John Arlott great commentator along with Brian Johnston and Richie Benaud. Always remember John at The Oval and "The pidgeons flying over the nursery end".


Among the amazing range of subjects I have read here over the months, I don’t think I have ever seen an item on cricket!!! Well now that the sun is shining at last (as the season draws to an end) I have been able to enjoy two enjoyable days of cricket in the last week or so at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton – it used to be The Rose Bowl – much better name but these days the sponsors change things. However, on a really nice day, there is nothing better than to relax at a first class match, with friends and suitable libation, and to watch the international or County cricketers doing their stuff. Whatever the result, it is great to see sportsmen competing hard but without any of the histrionics of present-day football. I was able to see a One Day International between England and South Africa, and then a day of the Hampshire v Essex county game, with more days to come. If only we had this weather all through the summer…as John Arlott once said as he broadcast from a wet and windy ground a few years ago: "It’s a wonder that cricket was ever invented here when we can have a summer’s day like this!"

10 Posts
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