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Costa Cancels Turkey Calls

Yes, I agree.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

You don’t have to travel that far. Try London.


I always think these reactions are out of proportion. Without any political unrest, people are killed in New York every day but no one knocks it off their itinerary.

Essex UK

Does anyone else think the situation of cancelling visits to countries that have had problems by way of demonstrations, shootings, stabbings etc. is getting ridiculous. The only countries where there have been none of the aforementioned seem to be the old Balkan States and Portugal.


Costa Crociere is the latest cruise line to cancel calls in Turkey, opting to drop Istanbul for 2016.

“In response to the ongoing guest concerns, Costa has decided to alter the itinerary of Costa neoRiviera’s cruises from March 28 to Nov. 8 by replacing the calls originally scheduled in Istanbul with calls in Rhodes.

Dropping Istanbul, passengers flying in to board the neoRiviera in Turkey will now embark in Rhodes.

The neoRiviera is part of Costa’s neoCollection, which features ships sailing so-called slower cruises featuring smaller and more unique ports.

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