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Coach Trips

Interesting fact: Wetherspoons latest promotional poster “Wetherspoons serve 1 million coffee customers per week !”

Last Edited by Grey-Wolf at 03 Jun 10:57
Wakefield, West Yorks.

Am enjoying my trips away – coach trips are a good way to see the country, and be with people but have your own space when you want. Coffee shops are a “must” for me…..and am happy to sit and people watch and watch the world go by.

… we take a disabled old friend to our local Wetherspoons quite regularly for breakfast….. fantastic value and yes, the coffee is fine too.
It is always quiet in there early mornings, no rowdies, but there are always a bunch having their first beer of the day. They are not rude or obnoxious at all, but I just wonder if I am helping to pay for their drinks indirectly…. 9.30am when we arrive and they have already started!

I’ve always wanted to travel, yes alone time will do me good as well even for my age I think I can make it.

I don’t mind Wetherspoons and been in a few. But when away on holiday I like to get into local/individual coffee shops where possible….small places suit me better…..a quiet corner. But I have no real preference to be honest. When the coffee urge hits, it doesn’t really matter.

Hi @Grey-Wolf
Clientele is the main reason. They don’t enjoy the best of reputations in my area. Seem to attract those that are unfortunately unemployed and people who like to spend the day drinking etc. I think it must just be my area.


@Fossil explain please …is it the clientele/decor/beer ? The group tend to operate a corporate strategy of cleanliness, friendliness in non threatening environment , any rowdiness/ trouble in ours the staff display zero tolerance and the cops at there almost instantly. There is one in Barnsley I steer clear of as it is renownedly “rough” but apart from that one, never had any real problems, tends to attrct middle aged and elderly alike whether to drink or, dine.

Last Edited by Grey-Wolf at 08 Apr 12:18
Wakefield, West Yorks.

I think @Grey-Wolf that Wetherspoons must vary according to what part of the country you are in. Certainly here in South London I wouldn’t even think of going in one yet when we went to Dorchester the one there was perfect.


I like it when I find a good coffee shop, gift shop, clean toilets – and lots of places of interest in the vicinity. I like to see a place when I am away. If I get all these, then I am happy.

Well, there’s coffee shops and coffee shops. At Wetherspoons you can always be guaranteed endless free refills of freshly brewed Lavazza coffee served until 2pm, not to mention immaculate washroom facilities and walls adorned with pictures of people and places of interest in the local vicinity.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.
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