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I posted a parcel especially early to the USA, meaning it to get there for Christmas, but it’s arrived just in time for Thanksgiving. I’m still thinking of the 6 weeks by sea rule….

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

The shops in Malacca are full of Christmas goodies, Christmas trees, colourful Chinese lanterns. There’s even a giant blow up Santa.

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Essex UK

The video says it costs him over £1000 a month to light it….


Wow that is a display and a half, I wonder who pays his electric bill!!


The world record for the most Christmas lights on a house has been broken by the Richards family in Australia who have put 502,165 Christmas lights around their home. David Richards said he had started working on his latest display in October. "I took a week off… and then have worked every weekend since"


My dream was always to have a picnic on a beach, whilst running with a dog, and coming home to big bowls of stew!
I think we’ve managed it most Christmases since we came to Cumbria in 1998….
Last year, G was so frantically busy that we didn’t manage the beach, but a local pub had promised to make us tomato soup and sausage butties….it was the best Christmas meal ever!

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Hooray for Fossil and the voice of reason.

We used to disappear to the depths of Northumberland over Christmas (before self catering properties started to charge high season rates). These holidays rank as some of our best Christmases ever. We would go to the Christmas Eve Carol service in the local church. I remember one year it was so cold the moon had a hallo round it as we came out. It was magical. Christmas lunch was sandwiches eaten somewhere in the depths of the countryside sharing the crumbs with the birds.

I hate the commercialism of Christmas and the amount of money spent on food, drink and presents is obscene….


I, too, struggle with Christmas – I find it hard that the ‘success’ of a festival seems to be measured in how much is spent in the shops.

But this year three small grandchildren are coming – and no, I’ll not swamp them with presents. But there will be balloons and games and chocolate, which is good enough for me!

I agree Fossil.


I am the first to admit that I do not like Christmas. Yes, I know what most of you must be thinking but for me the true meaning of Christmas is long gone. It now starts months before the event and one well known London store open their Christmas Village in September. It involves people spending huge amounts of money which many cannot afford. The expectations of children have surpassed all understanding. What reaction would you get if you gave a child a toy instead of the latest smart phone or tablet. What would the average person say if you suggested that they join you at the midnight church service? Some have even stopped calling it Christmas. I rest my case.

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