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Christmas Market in Oberhausen, Germany

Sounds like you’ll be able to offer a unique perspective and review @Humph if you decide to go.

Essex UK

We seem to be drawing a blank here – our partners at Shearings have an excellent range of markets,

but none to Oberhausen as far as we can see.

Any other suggestions welcomed….

Doesn’t seem like anyone here knows @Humph, I wonder if anyone @Silver-Travel-Advisor has a view?

Essex UK

I was wondering if any one has visited either of the 2 Christmas markets in Oberhausen.

We are staying in Dusseldorf for their market and intend to visit Cologne for their market.

Are the markets in Oberhausen worth a day trip (only 30 minutes by train) or will it just be more of the same – or worst still not as good.


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