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Christmas Decorations

…Reindeer on the roof … forgot about that – he had those !!! His sang and glowed !! Must have cost him a fortune… I think he ended up blowing up his entire power supply and he got banned from doing it !!!

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

My daughter loves Christmas and has the blown up Santa, Christmas Lights with Father Christmas and the Reindeer on the roof etc. At least this year there was nothing on the roof. I feel sorry for our son-in-law who pays the electric bill.


We had a speight round here a few years ago of people adorning and emblazoning their properties American style with 3,000 volts worth of flashing multicoloured neon lights and garish twice life size singing Snowmen, Santas and Sobbing Christ Childs in electric mangers with piped Xmas music blasting out from exterior loudspeakers…

…very little to do with Jesus methinks….

Wakefield, West Yorks.

People either seem to love them or hate them.

I enjoy the tree before Christmas but want it down and put away quickly afterwards, same with the Christmas cards.

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Well…they’re supposed to be down 12 days after Xmas. Can’t say I bothered much this year. What’s the point. Only me sees them.

In my local chippy they have a life size Mannequin Santa stood by the fryer. Rather macabre spectacle. Those eyes that never stop staring at you wherever you stand, rather like the WWI Lord Kitchener poster. Looks like something from the Dr Who episode "Revenge of the Autons". Any moment it could spring to life, its prosthetic hand snap open into a blaster gun and expressionlessly zap you over the deep fryer with the fishcakes and scraps. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Like Xmas cards are Xmas decorations becoming things of the jaded past.

Wakefield, West Yorks.
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