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Change to Everest climbing route

@GavinBate -

Hi – wow, that is amazing, and can we interview you for our Silver Travel radio show please!

I found the article fascinaing and it does concern me how ill prepared some people are when they head for the mountains.


Welcome to the forum @GavinBate


As a newcomer to this website and also a mountain guide I was interested by the thread title! I have climbed Everest six times and personally found each expedition a greatly exhilarating and humbling journey. There’s a lot more to it than what is presented in the media of course. The oldest person I ever met to climb it was a 79 year old Spanish man who I met climbing in Antarctica. Very inspirational guy, even if he hardly ever spoke a word.

Anyway, the Daily Mail obviously thought my story was worth writing about –

I am available for any mountain guiding work – still going strong in my 50s! – and it doesn’t have to be Everest. Trekking and hillwalking and higher peaks.


A look around Everest’s base camp:

Essex UK
I was going, it’s a short hop from Thailand but then I found out there are NO escalators

That gave me a smile, and so did the following on comments too….. ….Thanks


Or free knee replacements half way up …

or lifts

Essex UK

I was going, it’s a short hop from Thailand but then I found out there are NO escalators

Rosie Thomas’ book "White" is spellbinding, about a group of people being led up Everest. I found it completely fascinating throughout….yes, it’s billed as a love story, but the main love turns out to be the love of climbing and Everest itself. I learnt so much about the route, and had to keep opening maps on the internet to see which crag they were on.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria
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