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Celebrating 80 years of our National Parks

Thanks for this, Eleanor – what a great project. I live too far from any to do as a day trip on public transport, but will pass this on to daughter who lives near the New Forest. You never know, she might suggest I come to stay for a day or so!

To celebrate 80 years of our National parks, the Campaign for National Parks and 38 Degrees have teamed up to offer walks and art activities in all of our National Parks on 30th July. There are two activities to chose from in each National Park:-
• a walk led by a local guide looking at history and wildlife
• an Arts Workshop led by a local artist.

They are open to all ages and even the dog, take 1-3 hours and are accessible by public transport. There’s no hidden agenda, just a chance to meet up with like minded people and enjoy the countryside.

More details and sign up here.

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