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Calla Millor - any tips?

Must admit we preferred Cala Bona too.

Glad it all worked out for you @audreydoc thanks for updating us.

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Just back from Cala Millor – lovely long promenade all the way to Cala Bona ( which we preferred) as it was a bit quieter. Had a problem with my husbands wheelchair however managed to hire a scooter in resort so turned out ok.

@audreydoc wrote:

I am thinking of booking Calla Millor for June

Did you book it in the end?

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I haven’t been for 18 years but at that time it had a fabulous long flat promenade

Had to look that one up.

Been to the island on many occasions but always stayed around Palma.

Might give it a try the next time we are in port. A good excuse for keeping my wife out of the shops.

Thank you for identifying.

I haven’t been there for about 30 years but hopefully someone has been more recently.

Essex UK


I am thinking of booking Calla Millor for June with my Husband who uses an electric wheelchair, it looks to have a nice flat promenade (which we like) anybody been recently?

Many Thanks

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