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Seen very few butterflies this year. A few ‘Cabbage Whites’ and thats it.


Sadly we’ve hit less-butterfly weather
but I’ve had a visit from a splendid moth

Results from the 2018 Big Butterfly count are now out, from a total of 97,133 reports, the lowest total butterfly count since 2010.

How to help Butterflies this October, gardening tips :

Last Edited by Grey-Wolf at 05 Oct 19:12
Wakefield, West Yorks.

Sir David Attenborough launches his Big Butterfly Count for this summer imploring all to count and categorise butterflies near their homes especially with drought conditions of this year, which have severely affected caterpillar feeding habitats. Most threatened species of Butterfly in UK are The Chequered Skipper, the Dingy Skipper, Large White, Small Copper, Gatekeeper, the Purple Emperor, Adonis Blue and Health Fritillary.

To a participate in the scheme, Attenborough suggests finding a sunny spot near you and sitting there for 15 minutes, counting the butterflies you see, then reporting the results in to :

(downloadable Butterfly identifier chart available)

Last Edited by Grey-Wolf at 20 Jul 17:45
Wakefield, West Yorks.

You don’t speak butterfly Jo? Shocked

Essex UK

There’s a white-spotted butterfly that keeps coming into my flat – so I catch it (gently) and release it outside. I presume it’s flown off into the sunset – but a few hours later, there it is again. (Possible, I know, that it’s more than one butterfly. If only it could speak and I could ask it!)

Despite the buddlia being in full glory I haven’t seen a butterfly anywhere near it & apart from a few cabbage whites, I haven’t seen any others around elsewhere. Anyone seen any:

Essex UK

Tell David Attenborough.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Only seen a couple so far this year, Cabbage Whites.


I’ve seen absolutely nothing yet but I’ve just looked at the chart & there are 3 readings in my town showing multiple sightings, so perhaps they’re just avoiding me.

Essex UK
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