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Bumblebees and butterflies

Nasturtiums already covered in caterpillar eggs. Only one or two bees this year…

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

I haven’t seen many butterflies but we have plenty of bees, they have been buzzing around the flowers in our garden for weeks. I had a yellow shirt on yesterday & a short sighted bee did its best to collect pollen from me. Quite a big one really & had to be gently coaxed off my shirt.

Essex UK

We have had plenty of moths, but haven’t seen a butterfly this year, I’ve seen a couple of bees today and its the first sighting!


We’ve a few butterflies, mainly brown, around, and I spotted a red admiral basking yesterday.
Yes to bees…..the garden is humming. I counted 5 on a wall covered with campanula, and all the foxgloves seem to have a resident bee in them. They’re the loudest noise in the garden, especially in a morning, and I’ve usually to rescue one from an inside window pane each day.
The campanula seems to be the biggest attraction, spilling over several walls and hedges, and with new blooms opening daily. I don’t know what kind of bees they all are, but I can recognise bumbles and honey ones.

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Have you got many in your gardens this year? I’ve seen no butterflies, not even cabbage whites which are usually around by now.

Apart from white tailed bumble bees which are nesting in the tit box, there are no other bees or bumble bees around the either.

We use virtually no weed killers or insecticides in the garden, so can’t blame them

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