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Britain braced for weather misery

It’s been pretty wild and its very cold!


Sounds horrendous up north. Glad I live in the south.


Stay safe, all our northern silver travellers. And do have a good grumble about your weather. We’ll try not to tell you it’s not so bad in the south.

Apologies for this Albatrail, but I’m pleased your up there and not me, it sounds horrendous – Stay safe….


NW Scotland, yesterday & today. High winds although not damaging where we are, sleet, snow, hail, sunshine, clear skies, aurora. Only thing that’s really caused a problem is the thunder & lightning- short bursts of thunder spread out during the day. Some electricity disruption, some equipment damaged but mostly a nuisance because we got thunder every time we switched on the computer & router and had to switch off again.

This morning the ferries and lighthouse vessels were tied up in port; this afternoon the snow has come down to lower levels but it’s wet snow and horrible to drive in.


Spent the last couple of days west of Edinburgh, very bad gales. We drove home in a blizzard this afternoon, however just a few miles from the English border the snow turned to rain. Back in Northumberland it is icy cold and windy but no snow……yet!


The latest from the BBC weather News at 20 22 this evening…

A wind speed of 144mph was recorded on the remote St Kilda islands, with gusts in excess of 80mph elsewhere.


Nasty, very nasty, but as the postie said- you ought to see what it’s like down at Seascale!
Having lived on the seafront there for 6 years, I can imagine!

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

No problems here in London.

Makes me laff. I spent five years in Poland where the winter brings snow literally up to your waist and life goes on as normal.

You mean like this:

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