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Boats, Boats and more Boats

Essex UK

@coolonespa – apparently out of our price range. I should have married a millionaire not a quantity surveyor

Nice one @sallyD

Were you so taken with it you ordered one as soon as you got home?

Essex UK

sallyD wrote:

super luxury gin palace

Looks amazing Sally.


Just seen this thread and felt I could contribute.. Whilst in Portsmouth New Hampshire we had an invite to take a harbour tour. We expected the usual tourist boat and were speechless to find this super luxury gin palace waiting! Sometimes in life the stars align!

Not really sure what this was used for. Racing? Had an outrigger (I think that’s what you call them) on the left, you can just see the pontoon

Essex UK

A whale watching boat out of Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Essex UK

for about the equivalent of £5.

Some things are so cheap aren’t the Gill. One night I felt so guilty to pay our food bill for two, with a decent tip……4 pounds.

Essex UK

coolonespa wrote:

08:33 18-Mar-20

Gone fishing Sri Lankan style

When we were there, Steve, OH went out on a fishing trip with a couple of locals in one of those,
and really enjoyed the experience. He also had what he considered the best ever massage on
the beach, over an hour for about the equivalent of £5.

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Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Gone fishing Sri Lankan style

Essex UK
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