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Apple Users Read This.

There doesn’t really seem to be anything new in what they are doing – we’ve all been getting spam emails along these lines for years now.


The latest from the BBC on Apple product scams Here


whether any of us use safari, or apple, or a phone ~ while we breathe and have a few pennies to our name there will be someone more keen to relieve us of those pennies than to earn any for themselves.

I’ve not come across this one. Not using Safari, hopefully I won’t be targetted. Have the scammers decided that the phone approach isn’t working any longer?


Thanks for this – I’m not sure how to remember all the ‘how to clear it’ info, but it’s great to be forewarned.

Thanks, interesting info.

Essex UK

Important scam info from Apple. It was released in November but its worth a look if you have any Apple devises….

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