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annual comprehensive hire car insurance cover

How very kind of you to look into this – I guess my plea for someone who has actually used one of these policies is drawing a blank – these policies like the one you’ve found look great, but I am wondering what they’re like in action.
Just back last night from Tenerife where they were frightening customers at the Hertz desk with the prospect of having 670 euros excess taken off their credit card on picking the car up, or pay 11 euros a day to cover comprehensive insurance – nearly doubles the cost of car hire and most people haven’t the nerve to hold out and cough up – the man in front of me paid 132 euros extra to cover himself.
I won’t do it – it smacks of misselling and scaremongering to me, but of course it hangs over one the whole time…

Hi Lynn M-M
I have found this company that covers what I think you are looking for. Does this help?
http://www.worldwideinsure.com/car-hire … urance.php


I don’t know how a rental company might respond to a claim involving a third party insurer and I don’t want to assume that all would go swimmingly – I have read enough stories of people being charged inordinate and disproportionate amounts if anything goes wrong with a hire car and just this week, of peoples’ huge credit card deposits against damage not being refunded for months.
It would be of great interest to hear from anyone out there who has actually been through this process and what companies were involved – there are lots of products out there and I don’t know the ins and outs of this insurance in action, especially as in my case, the hire car would always be outside the UK.
Lynn M-M

I don’t think there is any problem if you choose not to take the car rental company’s insurance if you tell them you have made separate arrangements. It certainly used to be the case that when you paid for a car rental by American Express, they automatically provided fully comprehensive cover and the rental company were happy to accept this. I am not sure if this is still offered (though on reflection it may have been because at the time I had an Amex Gold card!) – but at least it showed in principle that the rental companies did not insist on using their own coverage. So I guess that if you can obtain satisfactory annual cover for multiple car rentals at a good price, that is a workable solution.

Dorset, UK

This is something I have never thought about. I wonder how the hire company say in France, Italy, Spain etc would view the excess in their policy being covered by a company based say in the UK. Will have to research this one. Will let you know what I come up with.


I’m thinking of when I hire a car abroad and am offered comprehensive insurance cover for the duration of the hire period at quite a high premium – the basic cover when hiring the car never covers everything – it is possible to buy an annual policy to cover this, so if you travel several times a year, you don’t have to take the risk of a mishap occurring and incurring considerable charges by the hire car company – the annual top up policy covers this and is much cheaper than buying top up when collecting the car.
I’m wondering if anyone has done this or researched what the benefits/downside might be.

Hi Lynn,
I must admit it is not something that that I have ever had to do and don’t know anyone else who has had to do it. As I own my own car I just have the normal comprehensive insurance policy. Could you enlighten me as to why someone would hire a car for a year when it would seem in many cases that it would be cheaper to buy one and then sell it after a year.


Thinking of buying the above product online to avoid paying excessively for top-up cover at the pickup desk – unsure about pitfalls, tips, which product has proved useful – any ideas?
Lynn M-M

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