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A UK break over Christmas

There’s one near me called The Wentbridge House Hotel if you Google it which is famous for all that and rather nice, surrounded by West Yorkshire farmland and country pubs if you fancy a quiet Yorkshire Countryside rambling Christmas.

Definitely a posh "leave you in peace" place, no cheesey club comedians or go-go girls.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thank you. Tried the search but it came up blank.

However, I would prefer not to be in London as I have family there and they would be upset if I chose a hotel over their home! I’m sure you understand. I’ll keep looking.

Isle of Wight

Hi I wrote a thread called "London at Xmas !" some time back if you type it in the search box above.

International hotel , Canary Wharf do a cheap deal over Christmas via National holidays…massive opulent hotel so big you can lose yourself in it if you want a quiet corner.

They do cringey organised "festive fun activities" as well but there’s no obligation to join in.

I and many others didn’t…there were quite a few solitary ladies enjoying a single Christmas away from it all.

Absolute orgy of food. Nice rooms all inclusive.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Can anyone recommend a place for a UK break over the Christmas season? I live in S.E. England and would prefer to remain in this area as I don’t want to drive and rail transport can be dodgy at this time of year. I would prefer not to have the "Christmas experience", i.e. no hats and balloons, but would like good food, comfortable hotel with nice communal lounge – preferably with fire – and a comfortable and spacious bedroom which would need to be a single. Tall order maybe?

I am not a party-pooper but I dislike the false jollity which accompanies hotel seasonal breaks. I have family with whom I can spend the time but it is such a dilemma every year, choosing which one to be with that going it alone seems a better idea.

Isle of Wight
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