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A question for Silver Travel Adminstrators...

OK. Can’t win them all…

Is it my imagination playing tricks on me – or was ESW green previously?

No, I’ve never been green. That is reserved for our illustrious moderators.


Hopefully just your imagination, unless Eleanor has become a moderator & none has told me. Just Alan, David & I.

Essex UK

Is it my imagination playing tricks on me – or was ESW green previously?


If anything rude is put up, anyone can flag it up to the moderators using the exclamation mark in the upside down triangle. It will get taken down pretty quickly. After all, we do have standards of decency to maintain on the forum…


Hi Grey Wolf,
Have checked the "What are you up to today" thread back to the 22nd September and there is nothing on it that could in anyway be termed offensive, racist, sexist or any other thing that people complain of. Perhaps you could ask the library how it has violated usage protocols.


Another question for administrators…has someone put something rude up on the "What are you doing today ?" thread ? My local library, via the West Yorkshire & Humber Learning Grid, has deemed that particular thread BANNED and inaccessible for violating usage protocols.

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Mmmm thanks for checking that up Fossil. I was interested because I think the key to thread longevity on a website is to write in Universals ( pretentious – moi ?)

Thusly: the weather, interesting facts, fodder face filling, fly-on-the wall updates on what folk are up to, household tip tips, pikkie humour and quizzes and wordplay are things which affect or appeal to all as opposed to the specificities of more defined things like the Clapham bus timetable or the price of an ice cream cone in Majorca which may have more limited appeal.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

That’s quite amazing, Mmnn, considering they are probably the longest running threads on the forum, and that they can be added to on a daily basis unlike the travel threads which have a limited lifetime perhaps not so amazing after all….

Now 11 travel related threads
4 from the above list of 10
and 10 Others

So whilst the above 10 are the most used at least they are not all on the first page all the time….

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Hi Grey Wolf,
What has surprised me is that for a travel forum we have very little in the top 10 that is to do with travel.
The top 10 are as follows with the first figure depicting posts and the second views.
1. How’s the weather 3469/27736
2. Where am I 2703/24892
3. Did you know 2322/22725
4. 8 letter word game 1825/17278
5. 5 letter word game 1239/12627
6. What is it 837/6317
7. What are you up to today 728/5709
8. Pictorial humour 549/14258
9. What are you having for dinner 595/9683
10. Household tips 498/8965

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