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A cautionary tale - have you heard of MdDS?

Wow never heard of this, how tragic for something so bad to come from a dream holiday.

Essex UK

Yes, I’ve heard of this…..there was a member on another forum who had this illness, but it didn’t stop her cruising.
I once had this, thankfully only for or 3 days after the cruise, and without the sickness, but I managed to crash into a lot of things in the meantime, and swept everything on the bathroom shelves onto the floor. It was the same feeling as when you’ve been on a long journey, and your body thinks it’s still moving.
There seems to be no cure for the afflicted; a minor bout such as mine is eased with sea sickness/anti histamine pills.

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria


Hmm, not a nice thing to come back with after a cruise……

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