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Invest in your staff

From Mike Hall, CMV Marketing Director on their 2018 training course

Silver Travel Advisor is the award-winning website run by a team of mature travel industry professionals with years of experience and a passion for travel for the over 50s. They understand the market, its trends and above all, what makes a successful customer focused travel company. With this in mind, we asked Silver Travel Advisor to put together a training course for our Reservations and Customer Services teams with the objective of giving a thorough understanding of the over 50s market, the size of the opportunity, their needs and wants, the meeting of minds and how to handle difficult customers.

Jane Silk and Jennie Carr have years of experience in this field and delivered a first-class bespoke course which was interesting, thought- provoking and practical. Above all, they went out of their way to make it fun and interactive. They surprised our staff with facts about the market, the fact that by 2020 there will be more people in the UK over 50yrs than under 50yrs and that they hold 80% of the country’s wealth.

Many of our staff are relatively young and have little appreciation of what life was like after the Second World War, in the 50s and 60s when many of our customers were growing up. A short social history demonstrated why today’s silver travellers still hold dear such polite values as being addressed ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’, using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and valuing gold old-fashioned customer service.

The Silver Travel Advisor Training was very well-received by our staff who, as a result, felt better informed and motivated. Without doubt, the Silver Travel Advisor team delivered an excellent course.

If the over 50s market is important to you, then I highly recommend that you talk to Silver Travel Advisor about their training opportunities. Invest in your staff and they will feel better equipped to perform their jobs.

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