Walking Holidays: Self-guided or guided?

Date published: 17 May 16

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Alpine walkers - Headwater HolidaysNot a fan of beach holidays? Want to get active but still have the beautiful weather and scenery? There are so many walking holidays today that you need to get involved. You could go on some amazing holidays walking in Gozo, Croatia or even America. Walking holidays really are the best way to get a sense of a country. If you stay still lying on a beach what more will you see? If you want to take everything in, have the feeling of discovery and breathe in the freshest of airs, a walking holiday is for you. But herein you have a choice: many travel agents will now offer holidays that are self-guided walking tours and tours that are guided. There are pros and cons to each, both depending on your personal tastes. Here is the breakdown to help you choose the holiday that will suit you.

Self Guided

Self-guided tours are all about independence and doing what you want and when. Read this and decide if you’d prefer a self-guided tour:

  • Freedom

Wake up when you want to, eat when you want to, walk when you want to. Self-guided tours offer freedom, you don’t have the constraints of a guided tour.

  • Headwater HolidaysYour own pace

If you move faster than the pack and won’t be slowed down then a self-guided is for you. Shake off those Slo Mos and storm ahead. Conversely if you’re a little more laid back and want to take in the surroundings more than the average Joe you should also opt for the self-guided, let those speed racers zip off, while you relax in some beautiful idyll.

  • Independence

If you don’t like socialising, or you’re happy with the company or the family you’ve got why not keep it that way. Spend quality time with the family, your partner or friends. Save the socialising for when you’re home.

  • Choose your own restaurants

If you see a restaurant that doesn’t suit you you’re not tied down to it, head to another restaurant that takes your fancy. Self-guided tours are made for choice.


Guided tours are all about relaxing and gentle structure, no organising, it’s all done for you. Read this decide whether you’d prefer a guided tour:

  • Structure

The itinerary is written up for you. All you have to do is wake up and follow your guide to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and see all the sights that they have planned out for you.

  • Inside Knowledge

Headwater HolidaysWith a guided tour you will get all the insider knowledge and see all of the cultural hotspots as the guide will know all that’s worth knowing about their tour.

  • You won’t get lost

Your guide will know exactly where they are going, you don’t have to rely on a map or satellite navigation.

  • You’ll make friends

Guided tours are social events where you could make several new friends to go for a drink with.

  • Restaurant decision is made

Your restaurant gets chosen for you, there’s no arguing about where to eat on a guided tour, walking around towns looking for the best restaurant, the choice is made and it’ll be a good quality eatery too.

28 people found this feature helpful

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