A happy ending to a travel insurance nightmare

Date published: 03 Jun 19

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Sharon Osment Here at Silver Travel Advisor, we always enjoy hearing stories from people who have enjoyed a positive experience on their travels. And we’re more than aware of the difficulties some people face in getting travel insurance, especially when they have a pre-existing medical condition such as cancer. So we were delighted to hear from Just Travel Cover who contacted us with a heart-warming story from Sharon Osment, a 59-year-old nurse from Dorset about the difference getting the right insurance policy made to her life and that of her family.

When Sharon got in touch with Just Travel Cover in May 2019 she was getting quite desperate. She had been planning a family trip to Disneyland, Florida to celebrate her 60th birthday with her children and grandchildren, but could not find the right travel insurance because of recent illness.

She had been treated for breast cancer in 1993, 2009 and again in 2016, but had never had a problem getting travel insurance for trips to many destinations around the world, including the Caribbean.

Unfortunately at the end of 2018, Sharon’s cancer returned, spreading to her spine. As a result, her chemotherapy regime was changed and this meant making a new application for a travel insurance policy. Whilst some of her favourite hobbies like dancing and running now had to stop, her desire to travel remained as strong as ever.

Sharon was determined not to let cancer get in the way of her holiday and set about finding medical travel insurance. However, she had run into problems, having contacted 25 different insurance companies since February 2019 and was getting very concerned the holiday might not be able to take place at all.

In May she contacted Just Travel Cover. She was understandably frustrated and very worried. ‘I just want some travel insurance!’ she exclaimed when she first called.

After answering a few simple medical questions with one of their specially trained consultants, Just Travel Cover were able to find a policy tailored specifically to her needs, with up to £10,000,000 medical cover for her trip to the USA.

Sharon could hardly believe it. Suddenly a huge weight was lifted off her mind and the holiday she’d been planning for years could go ahead. With this peace of mind, not only would she look forward to the holiday, but also her children and grandchildren could too.

Afterwards Sharon said, “I was getting worried after having been declined insurance by so many companies, so I was absolutely delighted when Amber at Just Travel Cover confirmed that they could offer me the policy.”

“She was so patient and helpful. I cannot thank you enough and will be recommending Just Travel Cover to everyone!”

The right Travel Insurance policy enables you to travel wherever you want to go with complete confidence you’re covered for any medical treatment you may need. Just Travel Cover work with multiple specialist insurers to find a policy tailored to individual needs -there’s no age limit and cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions – essential to meeting the needs of people just like Sharon.

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256 people found this feature helpful

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