Solos Holidays trip to Zakynthos - Part 1


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Before I Go

ZakynthosThe last time I went to Greece was 40 years ago. I bought a ticket on the Magic Bus, London to Corfu return for £50.00. I remember watermelons and ouzo; sleeping bags on beaches and local buses to Delphi shared with large ladies holding baskets of live chickens. These days I really need hot showers, clean beds and pleasant company and am hoping that this trip with Solos Holidays to Zakynthos will provide all of these.

I have never been on a holiday with a group of single people before, so am feeling all the things that I am sure other single travellers experience. Will I like the group and will they like me? Will I fit in? I hope there are no predatory women just looking for romance. On the other hand, I realise that this is an easy way to travel as a single woman. All I have to do is decide what to pack (that’s the hard part) and make sure I get to the airport on time, the rest will be taken care of. Transfers are arranged to the hotel and then I’ll meet others in the group, learn about excursions on offer and I won’t  worry about eating alone in the evening. If I am not sure how much and when to tip the staff, well all I have to do is talk to the Solos Holidays representative.

ZakynthosEven before take-off Solos Holidays have been great, really helpful when I called about accommodation near the airport, as the early flight demands. The Itinerary is comprehensive and already I have a feel of what is to come. The brochure promises a Pine-clad, hilly, green island ringed by sunny, sandy beaches and aquamarine seas.

I like islands, you can get a feel of island life in a short time, and I really want to make the most of my week on Zakynthos. I want to learn about the history, way of life and also to find out how the current economic crisis has affected life in general.

I shall go in search of low-key, peaceful al-fresco meals with a hint of bouzouki music floating through the air. I wonder if they still play Zorba the Greek?

So, here I go, the optimistic traveller, hoping to meet interesting people and have  memorable experiences – in a good way!

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Other Members' Thoughts - 7 Comment(s)

  • Lottie
    over 5 years ago
    An interesting insight into your thoughts on this solo trip to Zante. I'm looking forward to reading the following write ups, Kay.
  • maritravel
    over 5 years ago
    I am sure you will enjoy the trip with Solos. Although I haven't travelled with them I have heard good reports about the group. My own holiday review (not listed above unfortunately) was about my time spent on Crete with Singles for Crete, in an hotel that catered only for singles in a very homely atmosphere. There was no itinerary, but there were trips every day which one could sign up for, and evening meals organized in other towns: the whole idea was to relax in good company and make friends which we all did. I've booked to return, can't say better than that. If you haven't read my review it's listed under Accommodation/Hotels.
  • Stephen-Fleming
    over 5 years ago
    Sounds so good
  • KaybeFly
    over 7 years ago
    Hello Roger, you were right. Solos was a very good company for the single traveller. I particularly liked the fact that you could do as much or as little as you liked. No pressure to go 'hiking' each day, but the social contact in my group was superb and the Tour Leader was excellent. Companies are making travel easier and easier nowadays.

    Bye for now. Kay
  • KaybeFly
    over 7 years ago
    Hello there,
    Having returned from my Greek Odyssey with Solo Travels I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to all single travellers. Obviously all groups are different and you get out of it what you put in. But as long as you choose the right age group and the right trip for you, the company does their utmost to make it all run smoothly.

    Go forth intrepid traveller! Kay
  • maritravel
    over 7 years ago
    Having recently joined the 'solos' group of travellers I look forward to reading about Kay's experiences.

    I am the wrong side of 60 and fearful of joining a group of super active 'young oldies' with whom I might not be able to keep up. I am sure I'm worrying unnecessarily, but having just returned from a solo holiday (I organized both travel and hotel myself) the benefits of travelling with others have become obvious. Finding restaurants in the evening where I could eat alone in comfort was easy enough but I didn't always remember to check if walking back to the hotel afterwards was through well lit streets, or if taxis were readily available.

    I have had a look at two companies who cater for solo travellers. A first-hand write-up from a Silver Traveller member would be good to read.
  • Roger-Orton
    over 7 years ago
    Although I have not been recently, age catching up, when I became single I found Solos to be by far the best company offering such holidays. I had many fabulous experiences with Solos and I am sure Kay will enjoy it, look forward to her report.