Going Solo to Turkey - Chapter 3: Turquiose Bay and Dinner amid the Turkish Carpets

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Single Silver Traveller Christine Reid travels to Ovacik in Turkey with Solos Holidays and writes a regular blog for Silver Travel Advisor about her experience.

A group of us took the local bus which stops close to the hotel to the famous Lagoon National Park in Oludeniz yesterday. This takes 15 minutes and costs 3 lire or you could take a taxi for 20 lire. The entrance fee into the park is 6 lire

Oludeniz, TurkeyIt is a very beautiful place and protected by mountains the bay is seductive with is clear water and the sun shimmering off the sea.   Para gliders then float down from the hillsides on the breeze and look like colourful butterflies skimming over the beach. Wander a little further and there sits the famous Turquoise lagoon waiting to impress you. Sun loungers line the beach and a restricted number of cafés sell everything from water to dinner. The sun loungers are 7 lire for the day, sunshades a further 7 lire.  If crowds are not for you go like I did as early as possible and spread your towel near the small trees for a little shade and enjoy this fabulous place for just the cost of the entrance fee. Water sports are on offer for the energetic or simple walk along the water edge looking for turtles that  try to hide from the children playing nearby.

Popular restaurant in FreyiaSome of the other Solo guests went on a trip organized by rep Ferit to the mud baths and ancient tombs in the caves overlooking the bay. It is very easy to make friends in a large group of Solo guests and it is nice not to sit by yourself for lunch or dinner. We were offered the chance to go into the town of Freyia to a particularly popular resturant amidst the hustle and bustle of the town centre. Tables were set inside the busy shopping area with Turkish carpets, tea-lights and shops selling leather goods.  It wasn’t to everyone’s taste as some people felt like they were eating in the street but others myself included thought it was magical. The food was excellent and the atmosphere priceless as Freyia had just won an important football match. Local people were celebrating with whoops of delight and liberal amounts of local beer. It was a fun evening meeting the real Turkish people along with the Turkish delight.

Agua belly dancingTonight there is a BBQ planned at the hotel and a visiting dance troupe so that should be interesting. Mamma once again had us all including one brave guy aqua belly dancing. After lounging in the scorching heat it is a great way to cool down. I really like this hotel and the Solo group of people that are here this week. Maybe I have just been lucky but they have been easy to get along with and interesting to talk to.

One more excellent thing about Turkey I have just had a pedicure, manicure and my hair cut in a far more glamorous style all for 70 lire. Exchange rate is also better here at the hotel than at the airport. It is 270 Turkish lire for £100 sterling.

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  • kaizen99
    almost 7 years ago
    I have traveled several times alone to Turkey and found it a great place to get around.
  • JennieSilver
    about 7 years ago
    It sounds as if you're having a super time and how fantastic that the group is really lovely. Turkey is such a fabulous place and you seem to getting the absolute best of it!